Payoneer Account Holders Must Take Note Of This To Avoid Delay Of Payment

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You must have noticed that the pattern of sending money from one Payoneer account to another account has been changed.Back then, it works in such a way that ones card details will be required. With that way, the other party gets the money instantly.



Some few days back, I talked about Three(3) Important Things That Every Payoneer Card Holder Should Know at But as we speak, card details are no longer required and this will prompt a mail to sender after which another mail will be sent to the sender to confirm that his/her request has been approved after like 10 minutes. It can be delayed for hours and even up to 2 business working days before it is being approved for the receiver to receive which is a factor of how the money was sent. They will notify you of that when you are about sending the money as you can see in the screenshot below:



Based on my observation, when sending money from your Payoneer account to another person’s account, please select the “Other” option amidst others. If you must write anything in the note section, put “Personal” or simple statement that their robot will be able to read as you can see sample in the image below:



Taking for example,I was sent $250 from another Payoneer account since yesterday and the money is yet to be approved also 24 hours. I later got to understand it is either because of technical issue or a very long note the sender put in Yoruba dialect which will be seen by the robot as jargons. I contacted them via live chat some minutes ago and I was told to to wait for up to 48  hours as you can see in the screenshot attached once again below:

Payoneer Delay

Payoneer Delay

Please be aware of this and I wish you the very best with your transactions and do not forget to check on How To Sell/Convert Your Payoneer Fund At A Very Good Rate here at

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    Very Nice update buddy.
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    nice tip… I’ve been getting updates from you about PayPal since 2014… keep up the good work.

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