PayPal Funds And Earnings: How To Convert It

[ 10 ] October 7, 2015 |

We understand that you must have been wondering on how you will be able to turn the money you got or received online into your PayPal account to your local currency like naira or to other e-currencies like Perfectmoney, Bitcoin etc. It is not a thing to worry about as there are different ways of going about that which we will be showing you.

Importantly,the fastest way is to contact exchangers like us who will tell you to send your fund to our PayPal account at an agreed rate. Once received, you will be asked to send us your bank details and you will get your money as fast as possible. Aside that it is the fastest,it is also the safest that won’t prone your account to limitation or restriction.

If you are using PayPal accounts like that of UAE that supports withdrawal to card but to supported VISA card, you can withdraw to it. They will charge you $5 as fee and it will be released for withdraw after 3 days. It was once within 24hrs but security courtesy made them change it to 3 days. Once released,your card company will credit the amount at their own exchange rate. This method is slow and it is as well risky because one account could be limited or restricted within the few days that the withdrawal request is still under review. That can even lead to permanent restriction or what we call ban if you one didn’t provide that we correct piece of information requested by them. To be successful with this means, you must have met some conditions which we planned unleashing in the version two of the UAE PayPal demystified guide.

You can as well download the guide for free from


This is how far I will be able to go with you today but watchout for my tips and guides on how to withdraw from USA PayPal account as that requires alot to be said. Do not hesitate using the comment box below to ask us any question or enquiry you have for us this update and we will surely reply you appropriately.

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  1. Egba says:

    Hello Sir, can I use a Nigerian PayPal account to receive funds and withdraw same here in Nigeria from survey sites that recognize Nigeria?

  2. Abiashue Lucky says:

    Good day Legal wealth
    I am a Nigerian in need of a paypal account to set my selling account for my domain in Ebay. I heard you offer the service. Can you send your email for me to use for this purpose so that when the item sells you can help transfer the money to me. Also I want to know your exchange rate.
    Thank you

  3. comfort aghahowa says:

    please i want to know if i can link a nigerian debit card to a us paypal account

  4. Dankat Cletus says:

    Hello I need to know how much. will it cost me to own a PayPal account and also I have some friends that wish to open one too

  5. Nataku Tuko says:

    Can we use the withdraw service from Auction Essistance to help us get money out of our accounts?

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