Here Are What You Might Not Know Of Payoneer

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We all know Payoneer card no longer need much of explanation.We talked little about them in our previous update and we know you have or you are about getting the card but you need to know some things you don’t know about it which are:

1. To get your card shipped to you without missing road,you must give them correct postal code of your location which you can get from the website of your country’s postal service while applying for it either directly on their website which is the best option or getting it via any of their partners.To be sincere with you,the first option is the best.

2. Your can activate your card when you get it even if you do not have any balance in it yet.

3. You must first receive money from any of their partners before any other payoneer card holder can send money to you via their card to card transfer system.Please do note that the minimum amount that can be sent to you is 20$.In continuation of this,you can receive free fund from PayPal into your Payoneer card which will give it opportunity and opens its doors of receiving from other Payoneer card holder. We will expantiante on that later on this our site as well.

4. You can tell Payoneer to send your card to you via DHL which will just take 3-4 days to be delivered to you compared to their normal 30 days or more delivery via post office. The service is not free but will cost you $50 which you must have in your payoneer account balance;you can make the fund available in it by following the piece of information that we gave on item number 3 above.

That is all we have for you today on this and we are sure that you must have tapped into one or more things from it. You can make use of the comment box below to drop your question(s) if you have any and we’ll be glad answering you.

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