How To Open Highly Rated USA Verified PayPal Account

[ 9 ] July 3, 2014 |

I’m sure you will agree with me even before PayPal accepted Nigeria last month to be using their system for sending & making payment only with restrictions on other features especially the ability to receive fund/payment i.e Nigeria PayPal cannot receive fund/payment,many Nigerians have been opening USA PayPal account although some got it right while some got it wrong getting banned at the end of the day.

Even when PayPal has finally accepted Nigeria,Nigerians have been going for the option of opening other countries PayPal account especially that of USA which is the best of all.But Nigerians are getting it wrong when opening the PayPal account by submitting wrong and false information such as names,address and many other details whereas they can open USA Verified PayPal Account legally as a Nigerian.In respect to this,I’ve decided to come up with some updates which I see useful and I’m sure you will also appreciate.Here they come below:

First,Do make sure you select your Nationality as Nigeria when registering for any Country PayPal account aside that of Nigeria though the initial secret was selecting Niger as Nationality. Also make sure you take a very good note of your security questions & answers submitted as they are very paramount if not now but later for recovering access
to your PayPal account.See the screenshot below:


Secondly,As said earlier on that you must select your Nationality as Nigeria taking its application to USA PayPal account as example:
In as much you’ve selected your Nationality as Nigeria when opening your USA PayPal account with your real name, it will surely give you Passport(International Passport) option among others such as SSN,TIN & Resident Card on the Identification Number Section.


N.B: I’m not saying that you can only open USA PayPal account if you don’t have International Passport but you can as well do even if what you have are either National ID Card,Drivers License OR both even if you don’t have anyone but having them will be of great assistance for restoring your account should you run into limitation issue with your PayPal Account.

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  1. Akin Oyebode says:

    This article is unreadable even after sharing and liking. Is it an hidden article?

  2. paye says:

    i got here by experience share by legalwealth on payza withdrawal on nairaland forum.pls,the visa cards,does it include the VISA DEBIT cards as well.thanks.

    • AdMin says:

      Good day!

      Apology for our late response as it is because we didn’t see your question
      all these while.

      Kindly expantiate on your question for further assistance.

  3. motapwa says:

    hi,something is wrong with the continuation of this article

  4. Mozanga says:

    Do you offer the service of opening and verifying a legitimate USA and UAE paypal account, what are the processes?

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