PayPal In Nigeria: What You Must Know Of It

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You Will Agree With Us That PayPal in Nigeria is a great blessing to Africa. Malvina Goldfield, PayPal Head of Business Development, sub-Saharan Africa, expressed satisfaction with PayPal’s acceptance in the Nigeria.

Before we proceed, we must tell you a little bit about them to the point they finally allowed PayPal In Nigeria. PayPal is no doubt the world’s largest internet payment processing company despite their flaws people have been complaining about all over the world. They’ve made their relationship with their customers so poor forgetting that their customers are still the reason for their existence. Nevertheless, they are unavoidable necessity. Anyone into and about going into the world of internet needs to have at least an account with them either for making payments or receiving payments.

PayPal came into existence in the year 1998 but became well known in the year 1999 when they were bought by EBAY. They have their headquarter in California there in United States of America. They support over two hundred and three countries as you can see in the image below:

PayPal in Nigeria

PayPal in Nigeria

PayPal in Nigeria was once allowed along with other African countries on their list of supported countries when they initially started. They had to ban Nigeria because of reported fraud by so-called yahoo bandits carrying out fraudulent activities on their platform. But recently which was around June 2014, they listed some few countries they support in which Nigeria got enabled again. They only allow sending of payments/funds through credit or debit card linked to any PayPal In Nigeria for the primary sake of becoming verified. They do not allow receiving and withdrawing of funds through it as you can as well confirm in the image below:

PayPal In Nigeria

Nevertheless,subscribe for free to if you will love to know how to legitimately get yourself a PayPal in Nigeria that will receive payment.™

In addition to all what have been said above;

  • PayPal in Nigeria cannot be compared with PayPal in USA because that of the latter is translated and fully adapted in the country or region as you can see in the image below making it the best type of PayPal.

    Paypal in Nigeria

    Paypal in Nigeria

  • PayPal in Nigeria is classified based on region under non-european amidst others which are USA and European. A very good example of PayPal account synonymous to that of Nigeria is that of United Arab Emirates(UAE) but has all the features as you can see it in the image below:

    paypal in Nigeria

    paypal in Nigeria

  • PayPal in Nigeria is classified based on limited access under pre-limited type while the second type is post-limited.

Lastly, we will like to clear the air on the issue that PayPal will seize money if they happen to ban an account as claimed by some people who don’t how PayPal system works. Example has been showcased in the image below as seen on a blog carelessly discussing dummies’ method of opening PayPal in Nigeria.pp4

PayPal can ban any account with reason(s) known to them, as a result of misunderstanding and most often dense violation of their policies etc. If such happens, Paypal will never seize but will hold the money. They will release it immediately you contact them or after some days which won’t be more than 180 days because of chargebacks,disputes or claims that might occur on the account in the long run.

This is how far we can go with this for now as there are still more in archive when it comes to discussing on how to operate PayPal in Nigeria.Feel free to use the comment box below to ask any question pertainning to operating PayPal in Nigeria and we will be more than happy replying you.

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