PayPal Account In Nigeria Important FACTS That You Must Know

[ 0 ] November 12, 2017 |

It’s been a while and hope you are doing just fine. I believe you must have been hearing and seeing this and that here and there regarding opening foreign PayPal account that receive and send fund as a Nigerian.

Lo and behold, I will tell you not to allow anyone to deceive you; whatever I tell you is nothing but the fact and truth based on my years of practical experiences on their platform and with their staffs.

Never believe anyone telling you that you can open and be operating your foreign PayPal account on just any IP or VPN that comes your way. Some will tell you that you can do with Nigeria IP, yes you can do but it won’t last that it will gets closed down especially when it is limited/restricted and you are trying to restore it. That is the reason I offer carefully crafted VPN IP service that is very compactible with PayPal.

Never believe anyone telling you to just use any card that you see to verify your Paypal account; who told you PayPal can’t query your card linked especially when it is limited/restricted and you are trying to restore it to know its location. I do shake my head for those using some Nigerian cards especially those domiciled in naira like that of Access bank to verify their account. They will be the one shouting here and there that PayPal is bad when they finally ban and hold on to their fund for days. PayPal is not bad but they are trying to conform with policies so as to make their platform stands the test of time which it has been doing since years that they started. Lest I forget, some people make use of any card to verify their account without confirming the billing country or the country the card was issued to make sure it conforms or it is the same as the country of the PayPal account that they are opening.

As a matter of honesty, the Virtual Prepaid Card service for verifying UAE PayPal that I do render generates and gives cards issued in UAE with its billing address indicating UAE. With that, no PayPal staff reviewing such accounts using the type of Virtual Prepaid Card that I do give will want to lay allegation against such accounts for ban.

Another misleading information that you might have seen is that you should open business PayPal account which is not the best way to go about it. The best way is to open PREMIER account type which is offered by countries like UAE, UK, Cyprus, Luxembourg etc but I think SA is also premier but the BUSINESS type option should not be selected when opening it.

The PERSONAL type option should be selected when signing up which will in turn gives PREMIER. PREMIER paypal account type can be used as personal and business purposes. There won’t be need for proof of business registration document that they do ask for in business Paypal account. Another thing is that one cannot receive or send fund as family/friend in business Paypal as it is against their policy but one can do with premier Paypal. Not a matter of bragging, I got awarded VIP on my Premier Paypal account which made it comes with exceptional features.

These things I said up there which might seem very minor to you are major things on their system. I will want you to take them serious if you really don’t want any issue on PayPal’s platform that will make you to keep loosing money and getting your money held for months.

This update is brought to you by Presegs Adesida of of which you can subscribe to his website for more interesting updates on operating PayPal account in Nigeria.

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