How To Sell/Convert Your Payoneer Fund Into Naira With IJAM Exchange

[ 15 ] July 30, 2015 |

We all know that it is risky leaving fund in ones Payoneer account because of the common and recent hacking into of ones Payoneer card account.










It is also risky withdrawing from ATM machine as one can experience dispense error in which if care is not taken,one will loose the money for good.Aside that,ones Payoneer card might be seized or swallowed by the ATM machine in which one won’t be able to retrieve it except one request for another one from them. That will take up to one month to arrive or 3- 5 days if one pays them $50 to ship it through DHL.

Knowing all the above-listed risks,we think it is better to exchange it for naira equivalent by sending it to the Payoneer account of the person or company buying the fund from you. That can even give you better dollar to naira rate than you will get when you withdraw from ATM machine with your card.

Taking for example, Payoneer currently gives N300/$ (now that dollar is officially N305 to a dollar) if you withdraw from ATM but we ( IJAM Exchange) buy and pay instantly to any Nigeria bank account at as high as N330/$ depending on the amount you want to sell. All you need to do is to visit IJAM Exchange websites which are and Better still, contact us right now on whatsapp 08091833866 to change your Payoneer fund into naira in Nigeria.

You can read more of  Payoneer Card on subsequent updates. Now that you know these,why can’t you make use of this service that we provide by contacting us via here for business.

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  1. That is just too cool. I will be contacting you soon for this services.

  2. Dammybas says:

    Good day, I’d like to exchange funds in my payment account to Naira. What’s your current exchange rate and how do I go about it. Thanks

  3. Kenneth says:

    Now that dollar official rate has rise above 280 and now varies from 282 to 302, at what exchange rate will you buy if i want to sell?


    Pls i want to sell my payoneer fund from hiw much do u accept it.

  5. Samuel says:

    You should tell your readers that new payoneer users will not be able to send funds to you until they are active using the card for some time.

  6. mdrafiq says:

    dear sir,
    i have 42usd payoneer dollar i want to exchange.please help me

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